Campooz is camping

Welcome to Campooz. Drive to the horizon and go on an adventure. Enjoy the convenience, comfort and quality!

We are a young Dutch tent trailer brand. Camping is our passion. Introducing Fat Freddy, Lazy Jack, Ugly Betty and Wild Anna. New in 2019 – The Campooz Camping System! From two to six – and back again. Nice and flexible!


Fat Freddy*

  • A two-person tent trailer
  • Maximum ease of setup
  • Trekking or Camping variant
  • Expandable for up to four people
More about Fat Freddy*

Lazy Jack*

  • A four-person tent trailer
  • Lots of living space
  • Trekking or Camping variant
  • Expandable for up to six people
More about Lazy Jack*


From 2 to 6 – and back again

Tent trailers that change with each family situation. Without children, with (bonus) children, children separately, or as guests of the grandparents. The combinations are endless!

  • Fat Freddy* for two or four people
  • Lazy Jack* for two, four or six people
  • An additional detachable sleeper for Lazy Jack*
  • Ugly Betty is attachable, and can be used as an additional tent
  • Trekking variant with a sturdy canopy
  • Camping variant with a complete awning

Trekking variant

  • For Fat Freddy* and Lazy Jack*
  • A cotton rib sun canopy, easy to set up
  • Sturdy bamboo poles
  • Trekking canopy fits also on Lazy Jack and Fat Freddy II

Camping variant

  • For Fat Freddy* and Lazy Jack*
  • Awning with two separate side walls and a front wall
  • Including a fixed cockpit cover
  • Expandable with an extra canopy


Smart ventilation

The Clima-C System ensures a comfortable temperature during hot days and nights. Campooz is the only brand with a convertible roof. Through this, warm air will easily find its way out.

The convertible roof is fitted with dark and thermally insulated mesh screens. The side wings form a barrier against warm sun rays.


Dismountable tent

A wrench 13 is all you need to disconnect the tent from the trailer. This makes Campooz a truly unique concept! You can store the tent on its side in your garage, while you use the trailer all year long.

Why a wrench 13? The first introduction of the three Campooz men took place during the Wrench 13 Rally, organised by Gert and Raoul. Harry went along with a car full of spare parts. The rally was driven from Romania to the Netherlands in old Dacia’s. The only thing that is needed to repair these cars is a wrench 13.